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This is a weird time we live in. You cannot turn on the TV without seeing horrible events of human atrocity, occurring twenty four hours a day, worldwide. It seems that everything, everywhere, is in some type of disarray. I think that preparing for emergencies that are commonplace in the world, is a good thing. It is empowering; it makes you feel like you are not simply at the will of whatever danger or force is at work in the world. And, it is fun! As a lifelong student (I’ve spent ten years in college/professional school/residency) I enjoy learning something new, everyday! With preparation for emergencies, you can develop a graduate school level of education on something that very few people know about and are truly prepared for.

Years ago, Massad Ayoob, police officer, expert witness, and author penned a list of priorities that he probably, at the time, had…

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