Paul Gomez was one of my mentors and friends as well. There’s not a week that goes by that I don’t miss him. RIP, Paul.


It has been nearly four years since Paul Everett Gomez died, in Seattle WA. Paul was on his way to British Columbia, to deliverhis unique brand of training. Paul had two flagship courses, 1. RPM…”Robust Pistol Manipulation” that was Paul’s unique spin on ambidextrous gun handling, both shooting, loading, and fixing malfunctions, with EACH hand and one-hand-only, and 2. ”Urban AK,” which was essentially, utilization of the AK at distances normally reserved for pistol and shotgun work,that is, inside of 25 yards. Paul slept on my sofa bed, the night before he departed Nashville for Seattle, and he left his carry pistol, a Glock 17, and his, “bag gun,” an underfolding AKM, in my possession. Paul stayed at my house regularly, every couple of days, and this was the custom when he flew to places he couldn’t carry at. I still have Paul’s guns, and they will be given to…

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