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Late start today – instructors showed up last minute.  We had a great warmup, though – Takedown Thursday!!!

Standing grip breaks and double legs taught by a Div 3 wrestler/BJJ blue belt.  I learned some good tips on breaks so I’ll share them.

His 2 preferred grips off the standard lapel and sleeve neutral position were:

  1.  Right hand grips top sleeve of arm gripping lapel near the hand with either the pistol or Carlson grip.  Gather the material to take some of the slack out of it – that really seemed to help.  Left hand releases sleeve, comes up over the top, and then smashes down on crook of his lapel arm as you drop lower into your base.
  2. Right arm crosses and grabs sleeve material near the hand.  Gather slack.  Left hand grabs gi material near the tricep.  Strip grip by pushing arm away and down while dropping into base.

Right arm then pushes his right arm across his body and you should make sure your level is right for the snatch double (or single, depending on position).  If your right foot is forward, take the double.  If your left is now forward, take the single.  I found I was stepping in when I stripped the grips and while I could still hit the double, the single was probably preferred due to my angle.  Keep posture up and butt head into the lat area, then grab the legs at the knees to help scoop them in and compromise the opponent’s base.

If going for the single, grab leg, stand up, circle to the side of the leg that’s grabbed.  A back step will clear the leg if its trapped between your legs.  Arch back to bring opponent’s leg higher and make life difficult, then foot sweep him.

Techniques continued with the spider guard sweeps we learned on Tuesday.

In addition to the 3 sweeps we learned then, we also learned to counter the opponent posting the leg opposite the arm being stretched out by the spider guard.  If he comes up off his knees to counter the sweep (or any other reason), work the sweeping leg in to hook the thigh or calf, then sweep to the side of the raised arm by throwing the arms over and using the shin as an elevator to kick that side over.  Keep the sleeve grips and come to side mount – this sweep lends itself more to that than hitting mount.

The last technique was an omoplata off the 3d sweep we learned during the last class –  If those don’t work, move foot out so your hips are perpendicular to the top man with the foot still on the bicep.  Your left foot should be almost parallel to the floor. If the sweep’s not working (or if you just love omoplatas!), move the opponent’s arm down to your hip (the far one, away from him – in this case its the right side) move the left foot from his bicep to his hip, swing the right leg over his outstretched left arm, roll up to omoplata and secure a grip on his belt or pant leg to prevent escapes.

3 rolls.  Felt good, particularly the 2nd roll – hit a cross lapel drag once and a belt and sleeve drag another time to take the back, but got rolled when I tried to attack the turtle defense both times.  A little study seems in order!