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Went back to traditional warmups – 3 lines, shrimping, breakfalls, technical standups.

Standing up in closed guard 20x, bottom man kimuras in clossed guard 20x, then switch.

Went back to spider guard drills – start in closed guard, open while maintaining tightness and pressure with both legs to not give top man an easy avenue for escape.  If a leg isn’t kept behind him, the top man will just stand up.  Drop left leg to the floor close to top man’s right hip.  Keep right leg around his back and maintain inward pressure with both legs.  Carson grip on both sleeves.  Insert the left knee across the top man’s sternum.  Press in with knee while pulling and arching hips to create push/pull.  Right leg is now free to come from around the back to the top man’s left hip and press out.  Move the top man’s left arm enough to get the right knee inside and press out on the bicep and do the same with the left.  Keep the sleeve grips and hips square.  This shouldn’t be a comfy position for the top man.  Now, insert one leg into the crook of one elbow and straighten the leg while rolling to the opposite hip.  Pull straight up with the opposite arm, like pulling a lawn mower cord to stretch the top man out and compromise his base.

1st sweep:  Press the foot up on the bicep to stretch the top man up as high as possible, pull the arm up, then drop the foot off the hip and scissor sweep the leg.  Roll to mount while maintaining grips on sleeves, keep his arms in a crucifix position, and post head on the floor until he settles down, then scoot into mount.

2nd sweep:  If the sweep doesn’t work but both his knees stay on the ground, try the gas pedal sweep – press his leg out while pulling up with the right arm to stretch him out.  Roll to the crucifix mount position, post the head on the ground as above.

3rd sweep:  If those don’t work, move foot out so your hips are perpendicular to the top man with the foot still on the bicep.  Your left foot should be almost parallel to the floor.  Adjust the foot on the ground, then hip switch while throwing both hands and the foot up and to the right while scissor sweeping leg .  Keep the sleeve grips and take mount, post head on the floor until there’s an opportunity to consolidate the mount position.

Had some breathing issues so left after 2 rolls – colder than normal temps seem to be triggering my asthma.