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I was informed that there will be no more takedown class.  I am a sad, sad panda.

Takedown Class – Coach drilled us at a quicker pace than usual.  Started with burpees, then sprawls on his count from a low stance while moving in stance.

Partnered up with the Chiropractor – a nickname I gave to a classmate who’s built like a barrel.  Whenever I work with him, I get at least 1 good pop out of my back when he takes me down and winds up atop me.  I got about 6  the last time when we worked single leg counters (IIRC it was a kimura to roll, follow up by rolling into mount.  Could have been a front headlock to a mounted guillotine, though).

We worked armdrags for a minute, then duckunders for a minute.  I kept fumbling the armdrags but the stars must have aligned because I kept hitting duckunders pretty smoothly.  Toward the end I wasn’t blocking the incoming arm and got wrapped up by my partner.

Takedown-a-palooza – 3 minutes to hit whatever takedown you wanted, then switch to be the thrown.  I worked:

Snapdown to double leg with trip (Double leg is called Morote Gari in judo)

Armdrag to Russian tie to Fireman’s Carry (here’s Jimmy Pedro on the Fireman’s aka kata guruma, cuz he’s awesome)

Single leg.  Tried to footsweep and couldn’t get it, so I just grabbed the far ankle and pushed.

Osoto Gari – Gotta admit, this is a favorite.  Seems to work well for me.

Uchi mata – still needs a lot of work, so I hit it a few times.

Body lock takedown into mount

Tani otoshi

My partner, the Chiropractor, hit me with the double leg trip and a fireman’s, as well as some I didn’t work:

Russian tie to inside trip

Hiza Garuma – he really nailed this one.  Very clean throw.

Hip throw aka O Goshi – he botched this a couple of times.  When he finally got it right it was quite a ride!

I’ll drop these here, too:  Jimmy Pedro Secret of Throws, University of Judo – Analysis of Competition Judo

Ground class – warmups.  Still gassing way too quick on these, particularly the reverse shrimp.  Unfamiliar movement, fat ass, and weak core are probably the cause.

Warmup/drilling – 10 leg drag passes, 10 passes to knee on belly, 10 kimuras, 10 triangles, 10 armbars

Technique – Bottom man starts in Carlson 3 position – foot on top man’s upper thigh, knee on his collarbone/neck, same side hand has cross lapel grip.  Other foot on hip, that side’s hand has sleeve grip.

Top man attempts to pass by threading his arm between legs and going for a grip on the bottom thigh in order to smash the leg on his chest and pass.

Bottom man counters by releasing lapel and grabbing sleeve of reaching arm, then squaring back up to top, keeping outward pressure on the arm that had been reaching – its now lassoed.  Kick that lassoing leg up and insert the far leg so its across the waist and hooked on the Top’s opposite hip, swivel to grab under to the far leg if possible.  If not, grab the near leg.  Kick sweep.  If opponent doesn’t fall, mess with his balance by pushing and pulling with the legs, and pushing up and over with the arm grasping the leg.

If the top posts by bringing the sweeping side knee off the ground, bottom slips the same side leg through and hooks the thigh.  Drive up and through to sweep the opponent.

The last item worked was the omoplata from closed guard.

3 rolls, rested 1 round in between each, and done.