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Sorry for my long absence, dear readers!  Holidays, work schedule, the inevitable soft tissue injuries made for large gaps in the jits class attendance, which my coach and friend pointed out to me in his usual subtle manner!

Takedown class – new guy in class, so was pretty mellow.  Backfalls and sprawls started things out.  We then moved to snatch doubles, snatch singles, and a snapdown series.  We worked arm drags and duckunders to take the back.  For the technique drill, we stuck to the snatch double with the rear leg coming around for a trip.

Ground class – usual warmups, drilled snatch guard pass, pass to knee on belly, stuff one arm to diamond guard, then closed guard to arm bar.  As usual, drills went too fast to pick up fine points, but I did get some good stuff on the arm bar:  thread hand between arms to grab the sleeve of the arm you want to bar, other hand on opposite lapel.  Release guard and place foot on the same side of the soon-to-be-barred arm, push off and drag the seized arm across the chest, then swing that leg up and around the head.  Now release the lapel, and complete the arm bar.

Technique – Being in closed guard.  Move to Carlson 3 (crossgrip lapel, other hand on same-side sleeve pulling with elbow high, leg on same side that grips lapel has foot on same side thigh and knee in chest/throat, leg on the side that grips the sleeve is on the hip and pushing.  The push-pull generated drives the knee into the throat.  Opponent attempts to thread free arm under top leg and grips the bottom leg to smash the top leg down and pass.  Bottom blocks attempt by removing lapel grip and grabbing sleeve of threading arm.  Square up to top man, then release the other sleeve, swivel closer and grab a pant leg – reach under if possible, or grab the outside leg.  Swing former top knee toward the mat and lift with the pant-grabbing hand at the same time, forcing a sweep.  You can break posture/balance if necessary by kicking one leg then sweeping the opposite way.  Roll forward onto opponent and take side control, being careful of the incidental bicep slicer that occurs due to the threading arm being stuck under the top leg.  Here’s a good video featuring Kron Gracie showing some of the dynamics of this kind of cross grip guard – I see my coaches doing it to people, including me, fairly often.

Rolls – Rolled with a purple belt who snatched my lapels again.  The purple belt guys seem to love that worm guard!  I applied a cross face a couple of times but never really got past his guard.  Go figure, since he was larger, stronger, and a lot more skilled than I was!

Rested for 1 round, then rolled with a blue – got arm dragged to a rear naked choke right off the bat – I saw it coming but didn’t move fast enough to counter it.  Also got caught under the kesa getame/side control deal again and eventually tapped to a kimura.  I was able to recover guard several times, though, so that’s an improvement!

Here’s a list of resources that looked relevant to today’s Jits Notes:

Stephan Kesting – cross grip counters

Kron Gracie’s 3 pronged cross grip approach
Demian Maia – Defending the Guard Pass – since people are rolling right through mine…

Leandro Lo Guard breakdown by Espen Mathiesen

Another Leandro Guard breakdown, by BJJ scout.  This is typical of what I see one coach in particular doing at my gym.

Jimmy Pedro – Basic Grip Break – since I keep having issues with grips…
Jimmy Pedro – Takedowns against “tight” opponents – Just something for me to play with later.  It also fascinates me as I see this all over in the ba gua forms I learned and had no real idea of how to use it at the time.

Collar drag from sitting guard – I might be able to use this one!

Defenses against the Evil that is Worm Guard:

Stephan Kesting – Worm Guard Passing

BJJ immersion – 3 Worm Guard Counters

Stephan Kesting’s Open Guard vs. Standing Opponents Roadmap