Here’s an article on the singlestick.

My lovely wife and I have been watching the Sherlock Holmes-inspired Elementary series, and he’s seen occasionally working his singlestick moves on a BOB dummy in his home.

HEMA MISFITS (I don't do longsword)


The “Old Game” as described by Allanson-Winn

19th century martial arts have long been the poor relations of more popular historical martial arts branches, but in recent days it has gained more and more recognition. English martial arts are still the most studied from this time period, the numerous and simple sources, the spread of the English language worldwide and the popularity of Victorian culture have greatly contributed to their current status. Singlestick is one of them. This peculiar relative to saber fencing was very popular in Georgian England before being converted as a wooden training tool. This interest has lead many people to consider any mention of singlestick in books or newspapers as the British game. A famous instance is the one of Theodore Roosevelt, allegedly a famous American singlestick practitioner… but was he really practicing the old rustic game of singlestick?

Singlestick was practiced since at least the…

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