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HEMA MISFITS (I don't do longsword)

Everybody knows the classic cane sword, symbol of the sophisticated gentleman and dastardly villain alike.  In the 19th century, stricter weapon laws and the rise of the cane as a fashion item had makers rival in ingenuity to elaborate new weaponized canes. A while ago I presented an example of La Terrible Canne, but a recent auction unearthed many more rare examples. In this article I will present some of the most interesting finds.


La terrible canne in itself is a clever if terrifying weapon, which had two close parents: la diabolique (the diabolical) and la redoutable (the dreadful).  All of them function around the same principle; an adversary pulling on your cane to disarm you would also pull out a series of metal thorns or blades, cutting the opponent’s hand.


La terrible


La redoutable


La diabolique

Outside of the classic dagger in a cane, there were many other…

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