Takedown class – warm ups included backfalls, sidefalls with technical standup with partner-assisted forward pressure, moving and sprawling on command ( I keep doing a front breakfall instead unless I override the urge. Weird.) Then we worked snatch doubles, snatch singles, shooting doubles and singles, turning the body via the lapels or other grips to still get the shot in case of a mismatched lead, snapdown and snatch doubles and singles, and a double with the rear leg hooked behind the opponent’s near leg to score a trip. There was a new fellow in class who trained with us who was doing the high-crotch instead of the double, so that was demonstrated as well. I missed grabbing people up in guillotines off a poor double leg on Thursday.

Ground class – Normal warmup followed by shrimping, rolls, sidefalls & stand, back rolls, and that accursed reverse shrimping that I never seem to get right.

Technique – reviewed last Tuesday’s material – mount with head control and grapevines. Americana, Ezekiel choke with the fist, and arm triangle were presented as finishes.

New techniques – sidemount position. Secure better position by lifting the chest for a moment and drawing the bottom man into your belly, then apply pressure again. The crossface applied by the bicep and shoulder should be a lot easier to apply and bottom is drawn more under the body and controlled.

1st technique – Americana again. Very similar to previous Americana from mount.

2nd technique – Choke. Remove arm from under head, reach around top of neck and grab bottom’s opposite armpit. Use far arm to post by placing palm on the floor so bottom can’t roll top man as easily. Slide legs out and away on an angle close to the head to trap the arm – you need that arm in the right position to secure the choke. Staple hips to the floor as that prevents rolling. Now, take posted hand and place on near side hip of bottom and begin inching around the body, taking head off the chest and placing it on the same side as the blocked hip. The choke comes on pretty suddenly. If you can get to a point to grab our own hands and squeeze, great, but my partner and I never made it that far before tapping.

3rd technique – arm triangle. Similar to the mount series. A forearm is across your throat, rudely preventing you from smothering the bottom man. Press down into it, then suddenly release pressure and jam the arm up and past your head, taking up space by pressing your head against that of the bottom man. A key point is that the bottom hand must be palm down for the choke to work. Both my partner and missed that and didn’t get our constrictor on until that was corrected. Bring your legs and body to the same side as the opponent’s trapped arm by:

a: jump with both feet together to the other side (feet together helps prevent half guard attempts).
b: Slide near leg across abdomen, then jump and bring both legs to th correct side.
c: Switch feet to reverse kesagetame position, posting the leg furthest from the body. Near leg’s shin slides across the belly of the bottom man and the far leg drives and jumps.

Immediately block the near side hip with the near knee to keep bottom man from inching toward top man, changing the angle of the choke and making it less effective. Far leg posts out at about head level. As before, gather the free hand’s elbow to the body, lower the head to the mat as the posted leg slides out. Again, the arm under the head should be palm down, opposite arm palm up. If not, you can’t properly take out the slack by bringing the elbow to the belly before sinking down and completing the choke.

No rolling tonight. Crap sleep and bad work schedule, so I chose to quit while I was ahead.