Tis the season!

For Whom the Gear Turns

47e1ee27b826edd85d2ac56620c47ce3That’s right friends, during this holiday season I will be bringing you the scoop on some of your favorite adult beverages. I have noticed since starting this blog that there seem to be many brands of liquor who boast a start date sometime in the 1880’s, which made me wonder about the favorite drinks of the steam era. I’ll start us off with that most festive of fall libations, cider.

First of all, apple cider and apple juice are NOT the same thing. Accept no substitutions! When it comes to enjoying non-fermented cider, it must be opaque in order to be really good. There is generally no added sugar and no filtration, though often it does get pasteurized. It goes really well with sweet spices such as cinnamon, cloves and cardamom.

15484b2b3785ea_5Generally speaking, I am a beer or whiskey gal myself, but I also love hard cider. Cold and fizzy…

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