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Was in bed by 9, so no class for me!

I think allergies are romping and stomping on my immune system. My lovely bride, the Obsession Engine’s better half, feels even worse. I finally gave in and ordered the Bioforce HRV so that should help me make better decisions about which workouts I should taper back on and which to emphasize in future – trying to balance cardio, lifting, jits and life in general is sometimes difficult. Adding a heart rate monitor to my cardio workouts a few years ago was a major game changer and really helped me calibrate my kinesthetic awareness as well as track improvements (or the opposite!) in my endurance, so I’m hoping this will be of similar benefit. When I have more time in with the HRV, I’ll post about my experience.

On the plus side, this gave me more time to reread The Essential Guard, a book recommended to me by a mentor a long time ago, and found some tips that might help me out. I found some articles and videos from Ritchie Yip that are helping me frame things properly as well. Check ’em out.