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I arrived in time for the standing grappling/takedown class, so, after a brief warmup, we hit double legs from a standing position, relying on a fast level change and butt with the shoulder to pull the move off. The second drill was a snapdown set up with a quick jerk, then a step back and jerk, followed by a step back and snapdown. After that some free grapping – I kept getting taken by a simple step back and throw down to my right side, so I’ll have to look for some good counters – simply dropping my base might work. I’ll park this list of top BJJ takedowns according to Kesting/Grapplearts here for easy reference.


The class consisted of several De la Riva sweeps, and I’m pleased to find that the techniques make sense the first time through – I’m not fumbling around feeling lost like when I’m trying to hit the omoplata. I got jammed up when we added resistance, though, as I’m still fumbling through and trying to find the “right” response to a technique rather than just flailing about. The guy I was working with wasn’t wearing a gi, either, so grabbing sleeves or collars wasn’t really an option.

This is quite similar to what we were working. Slip the hook in, stretch the guy out, and dump him to one side or the other. If he posts and comes back up, force him back or dump him to the other side. http://www.shogunhq.com/search/label/De%20la%20Riva

There are some additional tips here, and advice to work to integrate the De la Riva with the Spider and Sit Up Guard for an integrated, offensive-oriented bottom game. I kept getting passed to the side of the hooking leg during resisted rolling and am not sure how to properly counter that yet – sitting up might be the ticket. http://forums.sherdog.com/forums/f12/de-la-riva-guard-1795131