Heavy D is on top of things! Here’s a start on a Christmas list for a DIY kinda guy (or gal…I went with the word that rhymed.).


The holidays are, for many, either a time of peace and reflection or a stress inducing months long nightmare culminating in an orgy of greed. I know I sound cynical about the holidays but I’m really not, I just get frustrated when I see otherwise rational people lose their minds this time of year because they allowed themselves to be pressured into participating in the frantic consumerism.

And here’s some more stuff you can buy for people who like to make and do stuff!

  • Dial Calipers: a super useful tool that I opined about in the link and you can get a serviceable yet inexpensive set for under $25 at your local Harbor Freight Tools.
  • Lagesse LaSquare: a cool twist on a classic tool in that this one has a wide base that makes it way easier to use with pipe, etc. They have different models on their…

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