My friend Heavy D brings the good stuff again!


…but I made my lady a cool vintage industrial style cart for the kitchen.


MrsDIY and I love the look of vintage/antique industrial pieces and though we have a large kitchen, we have little counter space so after getting an idea of what she wanted, I set about planning to build a cart that would fit the role while looking like it was salvaged from an abandoned factory from the turn of the last century.

I used LibreCAD to make a simple plan and to help me figure out how much material I needed. The measurements are all in inches (Murican) and the plan was to use 2 inch x 1/8 inch angle iron because it looks heavy and chunky but wouldn’t weigh a ton. Our counters are 36-1/2 inches high so I designed the frame to take into account the thickness of the lumber (1-1/2 inches)…

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