Between work schedule, cleaning out workspaces, and scurrying about gathering supplies, I have been neglecting this blog.

There’s been a burst of late-season garage sales that have provided a lot of goodies. Bits of brass gear, an old timey-looking radio that I plan to gut just for the shell, and the biggest score, an Old Town Otter kayak ($40! Woot!).

My old laptop died (My fault – a spill shorted something.), necessitating getting a new one, we now have a fancy new TV after finding a good one on clearance, and, unfortunately, my van appears to need work – a sticky brake caliper cut my Saturday resale shopping trip short and buggered the rest of the day.

The upside of both the laptop dying and my van needing work is that I get to try to fix them, thus increasing my DIY knowledge and maybe netting me a few tools in the process. The downside, of course, is that I’m spending time on those projects rather than futzing with the plasma globes and disks that just arrived. C’set la guerre!